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August 24, 2009

Milla Jovovich and her fiance got the star treatment from celebrity jeweler, Neil Lane, who custom-made their gold wedding bands in 24 hours flat!

Wedding jewelry is one of the most important purchases a couple can make – from the color and size of the wedding bands to the sparkle of the diamond engagement ring.

But Milla Jovovich and her husband-to-be (director, Paul W. S. Anderson) left that important part of the equation to the last minute – popping into famed jeweler Neil Lane’s studio the day before their wedding asking him for a rush job.

Lane tells People Magazine, “I measured her fingers, we worked on the design and I designed it overnight! Paul picked them up (at lunchtime) while Milla was in hair and makeup getting ready.”

The matching 18k gold wedding bands were delivered just in time and perfectly complemented
the star’s 19th century vintage gold engagement ring with colored pink, yellow and white diamonds.

The ceremony took place on August 23rd in the backyard of the couple’s Spanish-style home in Beverly Hills, with Milla walking down the aisle in a dress from Temperley London’s Bridal Collection.

All’s well that ends well.

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