Jewelry Sparkles at the Daytime Emmys

Drop earrings, cocktail rings and a few statement necklaces sparkled at the Daytime Emmys this weekend, but the biggest jewelry trend was all in the wrist.

While the Daytime Emmys might not have the jewelry glamour of say, the Prime
Time Emmys, the Oscars or a big movie premiere, plenty of stars brought out the
bling at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles to make the red carpet shine bright.

Drop earrings sparkled on everyone from soap icon, Susan Lucci, to 90210 veteran,
Jennie Garth. And Emmy-winner, Rachel Ray, rocked a gold statement neckline on
her plum halter gown with several others using large necklaces to accessorize
their looks.

But the big jewelry trend of the night had to be
bracelet bling – with Tyra Banks shining bright in Wonder Woman-inspired silver cuffs and many others opting for diamond bracelet styles, metallic cuffs or layered looks instead of
jewels in other categories.

The show was hosted by Vanessa Williams, and while the biggest surprise might
have been Tyra Banks’s win for Informative Talk Show (or maybe The View
gals beating out Ellen DeGeneres for Best Host), our editors were most
impressed with the sight of glittering jewelry making a celebrity comeback after
summer’s long break from the bling.

Let the fall red carpet brigade begin!

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