Mad About Mad Men Jewelry Style

Break out your pearl strands and sweater sets, AMC’s acclaimed series Mad Men is back. What jewelry style can we expect from the show’s leading ladies and
how can you get in on the action – for a fraction?

AMC’s Mad Men has taken the country by storm – from Emmy wins to
costumed viewing parties to Don Draper groupies galore. But’s mad
obsession is with the female jewelry fashions gracing the screen week after

Guided by acclaimed costume designer, Janie Bryant, the show’s three iconic
leading ladies – Grace Kelly incarnate, Betty Draper; femme fatale, Joan
Holloway; and brainy career girl, Peggy Olson – all wear swinging 60s jewelry
looks with period perfection.

Both Betty and Peggy wear the era’s iconic jewelry style – the Jackie O pearl
– which Michelle Obama updated for the new millennium.

Joan’s curves are usually accented with a
long pendant necklace or a vintage brooch – both styles back with a vengeance on
the runways and in department stores.

And let’s not forget: where there are matching sweater sets, matching fine
jewelry ensembles aren’t far behind. Of Betty Draper’s look the
New York Post writes,

“Comfortable and casual doesn’t mean messy and frumpy. Her capri and twin-set
combinations…are topped off with elegant earring and necklace sets, matching,
of course.”

So whether you’re a vampy vixen like Joan or a good girl like Peggy (or maybe
a little bit of both), has Mad Men jewelry styles that
leave room in your budget for a three-martini lunch and then some.

Mad Men premieres on AMC this Sunday at 10pm.

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