Diamonds Drip in Venice

There is never a shortage of diamonds, high fashion and glamour at the,world’s oldest film festival. See who brought out the big-time bling this year.

While there are occasions when it’s just not appropriate for the celebs to bring out their big-time jewels, the Venice Film Festival is definitely not one of them. Diamonds are dripping on everyone in Italy this year – from big names like Eva Mendes and Paris Hilton to lesser-known stars and socialites. And we’re seeing diamond styles from every jewelry category – from chokers and statement necklaces to bangles and chandelier earrings. With luxury Swiss watchmaker, Jaeger-LeCoultre, as the festival’s sponsor, you can be sure there are plenty of stars ready, willing and able to adorn the eight special timepieces they designed to debut at this oldest film festival.

And while there hasn’t been a jaw-dropping fashion moment like Anne Hathaway’s appearance last year (we’re still catching our breath), there are still two more days left for the stars to come out to shine. In the meantime, we’re happy to just drool at the diamond display – and (of course) at George Clooney. More Fashion News Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for even more up-to-date jewelry musings. Get hooked on TV – our latest shimmering sensation!

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