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September 3, 2009

Fashion’s hippest young designer is creating goth jewelry creations for fashionistas, True Blood fans and the year’s most anticipated film. See what all the fuss is about.

Jewelry doesn’t have to be girly, pink and pretty – so says Pamela Love, a young jewelry designer who is taking the fashion world by storm with her edgy, feral, goth-inspired creations. The 27-year-old designer has contributed her chunky claw cuffs, bone rings and bird skull pendants to many big names in fashion, including Zac Posen, Yigal Arouel and the costume designers on HBO’s vampire sensation, True Blood.

Love tells W’s Blog,

“I never liked jewelry growing up. My mom was a very feminine woman and she wore hearts and pink stones, but I was always sort of a tomboy. For me, the appeal is being able to wear jewelry but not having it be prissy.”

Prissy is the last word one would use to describe her claw pendant that’s been gracing the neck of True Blood, hunk, Vampire Eric (the piece has sold out on HBO’s website).

Which brings us to her latest collaboration, an unlikely pairing with the director, Spike Jonze, who is producing both a clothing and jewelry line inspired by his latest film, Where the Wild Things Are, easily the season’s most anticipated debut.

Love’s Wild Things jewelry pays homage to all the claws, feathers and playful headpieces from Maurice Sendak’s beloved picture book, and sells through the hipster clothing outfit, Opening Ceremony.

So what’s next for the Brooklyn bauble maven? reports that the designer is debuting a low-cost version of her line during New York Fashion Week at the Mac & Milk studios. It doesn’t get any hipper than that.

Stay tuned for our coverage of fashion’s biggest event and be sure to enjoy the beauty of the new Manhattan Collection, which debuts at Macy’s during Fashion Week on September 10th.

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