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October 29, 2009

From the yellow Tiffany diamond to Elton John’s Cartier diamond brooch, The Chicago Field Museum is making jewelry dreams come true with their latest diamond display.

Diamond wishes and gemstone dreams come true in Chicago this season as the Field Museum reopened their Grainger Hall of Gems with one whopper of a bling fest.

“We’re calling October ‘Rocktober,'” Anna Huntley, the museum’s project manager told the Chicago Sun Times. “We’re reopening the Grainger Hall today with a permanent exhibit (“Grainger Hall of Gems”) that features a majority of gems that are new or have never been on display.”

The touring “Nature of Diamonds” exhibit, here until next March 28, is museum’s shining star with one of the world’s largest yellow diamonds, a 128.54-carat gem, returning to the city for a third time. The famous diamond “…got more fabulous when Audrey Hepburn wore it (in the film
Breakfast at Tiffany’s) and it is a coup to have it here.”

Hepburn isn’t the only star to have worn some of the items on display. The exhibit also features a 1928 Cartier brooch once owned and worn by Elton John, a diamond-encrusted coronita worn by Salma Hayek and a bracelet owned by Joan Crawford. Not to mention one of the largest diamonds on record – the aptly named, ‘Incomparable Diamond’, weighing in at a whopping 407.48 carats!

Now that’s rockin’.

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