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November 2, 2009

Heidi Klum hosted her annual Halloween bash this weekend, and Paris Hilton showed up in her favorite accessory- diamonds, diamonds and more diamonds. See all the celebs in action!

Paris Hilton’s favorite arm candy might be boyfriend du jour, Doug Reinhardt, but on fright night in Hollywood it was all about the diamonds. Heidi Klum hosted her annual Hollywood bash at Voyeur nightclub in West Hollywood, and the Hilton ‘heirhead’ nearly blinded photographers with her display of diamond bling.

While stars like Kelly Osbourne dressed with a sense of humor (she was eggs to her finace’s bacon), Hilton wowed with ice instead – wearing a diamond-encrusted headband, a bib necklace, two diamond cuffs and rings akimbo to light up her white tulle dress and fairy wings.

Other celebs opted for scary chic, with an unrecognizable Heidi Klum in a crow costume, Katerina Graham dolling it up in vampire glam, and blogger, Perez Hilton, scaring everyone with his Lady Gaga garb. Yikes!

But the New York Post reports the night didn’t end well for the diamond-clad Miss Paris. She and Reinhardt apparently got into a lovers’ spat after the party culminating with Hilton’s cell phone being hurled out of her car window. Double Yikes!

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