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November 10, 2009

The trendsetters have spoken: cushion-cut jewels are the season’s hottest
jewelry shape. Find out what celebs are wearing them and how you can nab one of your own.

National Jeweler reports that cushion-cut stones are fast becoming the shape of choice for blushing brides and red carpet divas alike. While the round shape is still the most popular stone cut for engagement rings, many trend setters are opting for a ‘fancy’ cut stone that gives a little more sparkle for a little less stress on the holiday budget.

“A lot of it has to do with Hollywood,” president of New York manufacturer J. Birnbach told National Jeweler. “Celebrities have been embracing the cushions and the Asschers for the last couple years.”

Famous brides like Ivanka Trump, Ashlee Simpson Wentz, Alyssa Milano and Anna Paquin each received cushion-cut engagement rings. And we’re seeing A-listers like Penelope Cruz wear cushion-cut jewels to big events like the Oscars.

The cushion cut dates back to the 1800s and derived its shape from the fact that back then cutters were not capable of making a perfectly round stone. Today, the square shape is marked by a more affordable price point than the traditional and more frequently seen round stones. has a stunning collection of cushion-cut diamonds and gemstones – just in time for the holiday season. And fellas? You might want to bookmark this page and this informative piece about stone cuts if you’re thinking of popping the question with a cushion-cut gem. ‘Tis the season, after all…

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