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November 8, 2009

Get a head start on party season with these four holiday jewelry fashion tips from our savvy editors – all with an eye towards saving money without sacrificing style.

The economy hasn’t changed the fact that women everywhere want to look great during the holiday season, from turkey day on through New Year’s. Use our four top jewelry fashion tips to make those holiday party outfits sparkle – without breaking the bank.

1. Bangles:

From the runway to the red carpet, bangles have been the ‘go to’ jewelry category to take any outfit to the next level. Whether you layer them elbow-high or keep them sleek and simple, bangles are affordable, accessible jewels that can add just the right amount of ‘clink’ to your partywear.

2. Dangles:

If you’ve got an eye for fashion, get an ear for dazzling danglers. Whether you like bold color, shimmering gold or dazzling diamonds, there’s no better way to make that little black dress work harder for you this season.

3. Statements:

Gone are the days of the matching jewelry ensemble; winter 2009 is all about making a statement with one signature piece. Layer up the chains and pearls already in your jewelry box (anything goes), or choose a new bold necklace style to create your own seasonal sensation.

4. Studs:

We’re seeing a lot of metallics and sequins making the party dress rounds these days – in that case you only have to add a dash of shine to avoid bling overload. Nothing does ‘less is more’ better than some season-friendly studs. Especially at these prices!

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