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November 9, 2009

From the LA Lakers to the World Series Champs, diamond rings aren’t just for the ladies to flash. Check out championship ring styles guys like Kobe Bryant and A-Rod flaunt for being the best in the biz.

Show-stopping diamond rings are usually the domain of the Liz Taylors and Paris Hiltons
of the world. But sports heroes get their fair share of bling to fling when they receive their championship rings after winning big.

Last month, the Los Angeles Lakers were presented with their whopping diamond rings created by celebrity jeweler, Jason of Beverly Hills. The $30,000 jewel is made from 15kt gold to celebrate the team’s 15th championship win and sports 14 diamonds surrounding a center gold trophy.

The New York Yankees will have to wait a few months for their 27th World Series championship rings to arrive, but last year the Phillies got to bring home a bling fest worthy of the title – a 14-karat
white gold ring with a whopping 103 diamonds, totaling 3.84 carats.

Unfortunately, some sports stars have resorted to auctioning or pawning off their championship bling due to the failing economy (Lenny Dykstra recently sold his 1986 World Series ring for $56,762.50 at an auction in Dallas), but most stars covet the diamond like it was one of their own children – unless you’re Lakers Coach, Phil Jackson

“I don’t think any of them are wearable…” Jackson said, calling them “too gaudy, too large. You can’t shake hands with anybody.”

We’re sure we could find a few folks who would love to have that problem.

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