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November 11, 2009

The most expensive Christmas ornament in the world makes a glittering debut. It’s never too early to deck the halls with diamonds.

Santa, hold on to your floppy red hat. Diamonds and rubies are often found ‘under’ the tree, but one British jeweler completed his quest to put them ‘on’ the tree like never before.

Mark Hussey of Hallmark Jewelers had a vision about making the most expensive Christmas tree ornament in the world and after a year of trying came up with what record keepers say is the most expensive pine tree candy ever made.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the blingy bauble is made of 18kt white gold with over 500
diamonds orbited by two rings made of 188 rubies; it took over 130 hours just to set all the gems in the piece. The National Association of Goldsmiths independently valued the diamond decoration at a whopping $130,000.

As one could imagine, security is now ramped up at the family-friendly jewelry store with the ornament safely encased in a special container with an alarm that triggers smoke to fill the shop when tripped.

Santa? Meet James Bond.

If visions of diamonds dance in your head this time of year (and $130,000 is a ‘little’ more than your budget allows), check out our treasure trove of diamond jewelry from all the retailers you trust. Make those wish lists sparkle with savings and style this year.

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