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November 3, 2009

An Ohio woman accidentally handed out her three-stone diamond ring to trick or treaters. Yikes! See what other famous celeb lost their diamonds in an unfortunate ‘ring toss’.

One lucky Ohio trick-or-treater may have more than just Snickers and Sweet Tarts at the bottom of their Halloween stash. Elizabeth Olson from Terrace Park, Ohio thinks she accidentally handed out her three-stone diamond anniversary ring along with the sweet stuff.

“I think that what happened is, I was tossing candy into pillow cases and buckets, that it just slid out, along with the treats,” Olson told WLWT news. “The ring was pretty sentimental. It had three diamonds, and when (my husband) gave it to me, he said, ‘One was for yesterday, one for today, and one for tomorrow’.”

Despite her efforts to put out the word, the ring still hasn’t turned up – but Olson is still hopeful.

“You’re disappointed. It’s not like I’m the first or last person that it has happened to. I just hope that it finds its way back.”

And she’s right. In fact, a huge star known for wearing lots of diamond ice recently lost a $20,000 ring while throwing out $100 bills to an eager New York City crowd. Visit our blog, The
Jewelry Insider
, to find out who.

And in the meantime, Elizabeth? You might want to troll our three-stone
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retailers out there. We’ll keep our ring fingers crossed for you!

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