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November 4, 2009

Diamond engagement rings the size of Ivanka Trump’s are hard to miss – but somehow the big rock went missing on a very important day. Read more about the diamond no-show.

So Ivanka Trump has a lot on her plate – she’s a newlywed, a budding real estate mogul, a jewelry maven and an author. But somehow the New York multi-tasker forgot the most
important thing before her appearance on The View yesterday – her wedding ring!

Ivanka and her mother Ivana appeared on the show together, and the youngster was scolded by Barbara Walters, who was a guest at their nuptials a week ago Sunday and noticed the missing ring finger ice.

“I knew you’d call me on that,” Ivanka said, laughing. “I was engaged for
three months and then I’ve been married around eight days, so it’s sitting on my
bedside table. I forget about the hardware.”

To be fair, this is certainly not a common occurrence. “This is only one of
two times,” said Trump, who also admitted to feeling ‘a little bit naked’
without her ring.

Elizabeth Hasslebeck advised that once she gets used to wearing a
wedding band, “You just don’t even take the ring off. You keep it on. It gets
dirty…but in the newlywed stage, you clean it and take care of it.”

Have any of you forgotten to wear your ring finger bling? How do you care for
your diamonds?



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