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December 24, 2009

Paris Hilton opened her presents from boy toy, Doug Reinhardt, a day early. Did she get ‘the’ diamond?

Leave it to Paris Hilton to make us drool with envy 24 hours before Christmas morning. The heiress extraordinaire blasted her good fortune over the Twitterverse, describing the presents she received from boyfriend and The Hills star, Doug Reinhardt.

“At home opening Christmas presents from my man,” she wrote.

“SO happy! He really spoiled me this year and gave me so many incredible presents! All the jewelry he bought me from 14 Karats Jewelery Store is so stunning! It’s true diamonds are a girl’s best friend. I am speechless.”

Apparently, a diamond engagement ring wasn’t one of the boxes under her tree this year – perhaps a wise move considering Hilton’s track record. We can only imagine what Reinhardt had to buy to top the Cartier spending spree he showered on his beloved over the summer (see the drool-worthy details on our Jewelry Insider blog here).

In the meantime, fingers crossed for those members who are wishing for a diamond of their own under the tree this year. Let us know how you make out on our Facebook Page!

Happy Holidays!

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