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December 15, 2009

From jaw-dropping celebrity jewels to must-have jewelry trends, check out our Top 5 Jewelry Moments of 2009.

This year our Celebrity, Fashion and Jewelry news features brought members many stories – from Fashion Week coverage and auction highlights to celebrity weddings and red carpet revelations. While this list merely scratches the surface, here are our Top 5 Jewelry Moments from 2009. 2010 promises to be just as jewelry-juicy, so stay tuned!

#5 Jewelry Moment of 2009 – Bangles Are Back!

While we would certainly love to “Walk Like an Egyptian” again, the bangle craze that swept the nation this year wasn’t in the guise of an 80s girl band – it was all in the wrist.

From the runways to the red carpets, Fifth Ave to Main Street, women from all walks of life chose to clink their way into sartorial bliss with layered bangle style in every price point. And the good news is: the trend is sure to last well into 2010. Clink on, jewelry hounds. Clink on!

#4 Jewelry Moment of 2009 – Ivanka Trump’s Diamonds

One of the most popular topics we covered this year was Ivanka Trump’s engagement ring bling. Maybe it’s her lavish lineage or her emergence as a jewelry designer in her own right, but her 5.22-carat, cushion-cut ring had brides-to-be (and the men who love them) swarming to find out more. We, of course, didn’t disappoint – and weren’t at all surprised to find more celebrity engagement rings in the same cut emerging soon after.

#3 Jewelry Moment of 2009 – Statement Necklaces

Gaining ground in 2008, the statement necklace hit its stride and then some this year. The trend was all over Fashion Week in New York, Paris and Milan and retailers from every walk of life offered them in their display cases and discount shelves.

Statement necklaces are the perfect accessory in this economy, giving women an affordable way to make heads turn without layering on too many pieces. And, like the bangle trend, they are sure to have staying power well into 2010.

#2 Jewelry Moment of 2009 – The Emerald Queen

If the Oscars are the jewelry world’s Super Bowl, Angelina Jolie is the year’s Most Valuable Player. Her near run-in with Jennifer Aniston during the show ‘almost’ overshadowed the most stunning emerald Lorraine Schwartz jewels the red carpet has possibly ever seen.

Jolie wore a staggering pair of 115-carat emerald drop earrings and a 65-carat emerald cocktail ring – a jewelry story that created more buzz on our blog. The Jewelry Insider, than any other topic this year. Sorry, Jen. 2010 is your year – we can feel it.

#1 Jewelry Moment of 20009 – Mighty Michelle

No matter your political persuasion, there’s no debating that Michelle Obama was the fashion world’s muse this year. From her bodacious brooches to her pretty pearls, the Fashionista-In-Chief influenced jewelry fashion like no other First Lady since Jackie O.

And we’re happy to report many of her choices came from retailers mere mortals frequent like J. Crew in addition to making stars out of emerging jewelry designers like Tom Binns and Loree Rodkin. It’s jewelry we can believe in!

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