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January 6, 2010

In the first of our series of jewelry trend articles this month,
our fashion editors report that simple style trumps statement stunners for 2011.

Jewelry fashion trends change direction like the winds of an unwanted cold front. But has all the latest and greatest jewelry fashion tips to keep you out of the cold and in the know for
2011 – without adding additional stress to your wallet.

With so many exciting new developments in the fashion world this year, we decided one short piece wouldn’t cover it for our devoted readers. So we’re posting four separate articles this month – each devoted to what we feel are the hottest trends of the year.

And be sure to stick with and our blogger, Jewelry Insider, as we track all the best and brightest from the Awards Season red carpet – starting with the People’s Choice Awards last night!


Jewelry Trend Alert #1: Less Is More

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to jewelry fashion for 2011. Look for the statement styles of 2008 and 2009 to give way to simple, sleek, small jewels that add just a splash of sparkle to office ensembles and evening wear.

Why the sudden size shift? Trend experts like Lisa Jesse explain that the economic fear of previous years made bold colors and styles appealing since they made a statement without costing a fortune. This year? Fashionistas are playing it safe and paring things down.

And the Spring 2011 runways were the perfect example. Nary a jewel could be found on the catwalk (see our previous report here for more). And we’re looking for Awards Season sparkle to shy away from bib necklace beauty in favor of the less extravagant earring look or the simple stud (Jewelry Insider already spotted the trend on the People’s Choice Awards Red Carpet last night).

Get the Look for Less:

How do you bring the trend home for your own jewelry box? You may already have plenty of pieces that fit the ‘less-is-more’ bill. A plain gold bangle. A pair of gold hoops. A small gold pendant.

While statement jewelry will never really go out of style, our advice is to rotate those layered cuffs and chains out this year in favor of the ‘less is more’ landscape of 2011. We think the shift is a welcome breather from all that noise…At least for a while.


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