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February 1, 2010

Jewelry fashion’s most enduring ’80s icon sports her shoulder-pad glam for
one of New York’s hottest jewelry designers.

Alexis? Meet Alexis. Joan Collins is sporting serious costume jewelry as the new
spokesmodel for famous New York designer, Alexis Bittar’s, new jewelry line, according to People Magazine.

Bittar’s spring styles are inspired by ’80s excess. Think hand-sculpted metal
shoulder pads, super chunky bangles, and gi-normous jewel-encrusted clip-ons, and who
better than the 76-year-old Collins and her ’80s alter-ego on Dynasty, Alexis Carrington, to represent the collection?

Bittar is well known for his costume pieces, creating looks for top design
houses like Michael Kors and Burberry, and as luck would have it, Joan Collins has already been a fan for years.

“Alexis Bittar is by far my favorite costume jewelry designer […] His
whimsical designs suit my personality effortlessly. I always feel glamorous and
sexy whenever I adorn myself in his creations.”

And the feeling was clearly mutual. When the designer asked her to take a
starring role, she didn’t hesitate: “Oooh! ‘Alexis for Alexis’? how brilliant!”

The ad campaign launches this week in New York just in time for Fashion Week.


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