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February 5, 2010

How convenient both Super Bowl teams wear symbols used extensively in the jewelry world. Are you a fleur-de-lis fashionista or a coltish cutie?

Super Bowl jewelry used to mean just a gaudy championship ring the size of
Texas for the lucky winners. This year, though, jewelry lovers can bring out the
bling to support their teams using two jewelry categories tailor-made for the
championship game.

Saints Style:

Everyone knows a Saints fan by their gold and black fashion, ‘Who Dat’ chant
and the presence of a fleur-de-lis symbol somewhere on their person. Meaning
‘flower lily’ in french, jewelry design has used the shape extensively in both
high and low-end lines for men and women, so there’s plenty of opportunity to
bring out the bling to support the underdog this year.

Check out
the fleur-de-lis jewelry gallery on – from men’s rings and dog tags
to diamond and gemstone styles for the ladies – and shine your way from the
Super Bowl right into Fat Tuesday.

Colts Couture:

From Colts fans to Carrie Bradshaw, the horse-shoe pendant has been on the
trend-setting jewelry scene for years now. U-shaped earrings, rings and charms
are a go-to staple, and horse lovers are always acquiring whimsical
equestrian-themed gems for their jewelry boxes.

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