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March 1, 2010

Petra Diamonds just sold the most expensive rough diamond on record – a 507-carat stunner with a price tag you have to see to believe.

are diamonds. And there are diamonds. If you’re in the market for a new ‘best
friend’ try this ice queen on for size: one wealthy Hong Kong jewelry outfit
just purchased a whopping 507-carat rough diamond from Petra Diamonds for a
record-breaking $35 million!

The “Cullinan Heritage” stone was discovered in 2009 in perhaps the most
famous diamond mine in the world, the Cullinan mine located in South Africa.

Although this is the most expensive diamond on record, it is by far not the
largest. The same Cullinan mine produced the record largest diamond in history,
the 3,106-carat stone that was used to cut the famous Great Star of Africa.

The Cullinan Heritage diamond is the nineteenth largest gem diamond on record
(not too shabby), and the money that Petra raised from the jaw-dropping sale
will help to increase the growth of the core assets for the mining company,
according to a press release. Indeed.


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