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March 19, 2010

Woman Loses 4 Carat Diamond at SNL

Losing your diamond engagement ring is every woman’s nightmare as event planner, Bree Candee, knows all too well. The New Yorker was celebrating her birthday at chic eatery Nobu 57 when she noticed that her 4-carat diamond was missing from her ring! According to The New York Post, after the restaurant staff searched unsuccessfully Candee’s husband, Brian, made a fateful phone call. Before dinner, the couple attended the rehearsal for Saturday Night Live and met staging director, Tom Popple. When Brian pleaded his case, Popple calmly told him, “Brian, I’m holding it in my hand as we speak.” The SNL staff found the rock under his wife’s seat! Some folks have all the luck. “It’s like winning the lottery. You can’t believe it,” Brian gushed. But we don’t all have a Tom Popple in our lives when our worst jewelry nightmare comes true. Protect your jewelry investment by learning all there is to know about appraisals, insurance and certificates right here on

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