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April 14, 2010

The Bronx Bombers received their 2009 World
Series rings before Tuesday’s home opener against the Angels. Find out the diamond carat count – and the surprise guest who brought the house down.

Love ’em or hate ’em, The New York Yankees made news again this week when
they were awarded their 2009 World Series Championship rings in a ceremony
before an adoring home crowd.

The Balfour rings are hand-crafted with
white gold, featuring a Yankees blue sapphire accented by a diamond-clustered “NY” logo rising from a diamond-lined baseball path. That makes for 119 diamonds all told weighing in at
a hefty 3.55 carats. Renditions of Yankee Stadium adorn the sides, along with
the words “Tradition” and “Unity.” The Yankee Stadium inaugural season logo is
also etched along the inside of each ring.

While most of the winning squad was on-hand to celebrate, one Yankee received
their ring while wearing a Los Angeles Angels uniform. Hideki Matsui, a key
player in last year’s win for the Yanks, now plays for the Angels and was
greeted with cheers from the crowd when he emerged from the opposing team’s
dugout to get his bling.

Luckily the Yanks came away with more than just a new addition to their
jewelry boxes. They beat the Angels 7-5.

Second thoughts, Matsui?

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