Sotheby’s Australia Sees Red

The first red diamond ever offered for public auction is on the block in Australia. How much could this rare gem bring in?

Think: zeros. Lots of zeros.

Sotheby’s Australia has a lot to celebrate this month. Not only are they hosting their first standalone jewelry sale on April 12th, but the lot includes the first red diamond ever offered for public auction. Red diamonds are one of rarest colored stones on the market today, surfacing only occasionally in Australia’s Argyle diamond mine (known for its pink diamond deposits). The gem making its debut this go-round is a 0.82-carat, fancy purplish-red Argyle diamond set in a platinum ring and flanked by a pair of fancy blue diamonds. The stone’s value is estimated to be close to $1 million USD and will be accompanied by a letter from Argyle Diamonds attesting to its rarity. Other colored stone stunners on the block include a double strand of graduated emerald beads accented with diamond-set rondelles, a sapphire and diamond ring and an emerald and diamond ring. For more information on colored diamonds, peruse’s Education section where you’ll get the diamond low-down on everything from diamond color and clarity to diamond history and lore. And while we may not have a natural red diamond up for grabs in our treasure chest, we do offer treated colored diamonds in some of the season’s hottest hues.

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