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April 27, 2010

While the world awaits the biggest soccer event of the decade, one Colombian jewelry designer is making official World Cup rings with his homeland’s most famous gemstone.

Angelina Jolie made
jewelry history when she wore a jaw-dropping pair of
Colombian emerald earrings to the 2009 Oscars, and one jewelry designer is hoping to join her
in the emerald record books.

Enrique Vasquez is the lucky Colombian jeweler who acquired the rights to
make official 2010 World Cup Rings for well-heeled soccer fans during the
tournament (held in South Africa from June 11 – July 11).

The collection will include seven
platinum rings to be sold for $250,000 apiece, each encrusted with 220 Colombian
emeralds. Thirty-three white gold rings are being made for $70,000 each, with 36
emeralds and an array of South African diamonds. And finally 1,970 rings made of
gold and silver will be sold for $2,500 each featuring four emeralds.

One gold ring will be given to UNICEF, in recognition of the U.N. agency’s
work on behalf of disadvantaged children and another will be presented to the
tournament’s most valuable player, with Portugal’s Ronaldo (rumored to be Kim
Kardashian’s latest squeeze) among the players who could claim the prize. Stay

But emerald rings aren’t just for famous footballers. Shop the
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