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January 27, 2010

Hollywood’s ‘Rebel Without A Cause’ had one
treasure he couldn’t live without: a gold watch that’s up for auction

A lucky gold watch owned by James Dean is up for auction today at the Fame Bureau, an
enterprise that specializes in film and music memorabilia. Dean apparently loved
the timepiece so much, he insisted on wearing it while filming the movie,
East of Eden, despite director Elia Kazan’s protests.

The star purchased the pocket watch in New York when he was a struggling
actor and received a gold chain for it from his father, who was afraid his son
would lose it. It is said Dean attributed his success to the watch, which is why
he was rarely seen without it.

Auction house employee James Wilkinson said in a release, “Being as it was,
so close and dear to Dean, this watch is as much an American cinematic and
cultural treasure as one can find – the ultimate collectible of the 1950s.”

Engraved with Dean’s initials on the cover, the item is expected to reach as
much as $50,000.

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