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May 25, 2010

A solid gold iPad with flawless diamonds is available to 10 lucky people who like to go glam with their gadgets.

golden cell phones,
controls, TV consoles and iPods littering the marketplace, it was only a
matter of time before someone bedazzled the latest Apple creation to cause a
stir – the iPad.

British bling master, Stuart Hughes, made only 10 of his “iPad Supreme
Edition” gadgets – each with 53 flawless diamonds totaling 25.5 carats and a
back and side housing of a solid piece of 22kt gold, according to

The tricked out treasure also features Wi-Fi, 3G, and 64 GB capacity and can
be yours for a whopping $188,000.

Luckily, Mr. Hughes understands not everyone can afford such a luxury.

“We realize that buying an iPad or an iPhone is not cheap in the first place,
and that’s why we’ll be releasing more affordable gold-plated versions of our
products later on.”

In the meantime, go for the gold with our treasure chest of
1,000s of gold jewelry styles – all from the
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