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May 26, 2010

High school or college graduation is a rite of passage that warrants an
important gift to commemorate the occasion. So whether you’ve got an
uber-achievor or a ‘scraped by with Cs’-type on your hands, it’s time they got a
little bling to remind them that they no longer have to suffer through Chem
class or scribble their way through another essay question.

Here are our top four graduation jewelry gift ideas for the educated woman in
your life:

Diamond Studs

The ‘little black dress’ of the jewelry world, every woman needs a pair of
diamond studs to build a basic jewelry wardrobe.

2.Right Hand Rings

The ultimate expression of independence – celebrate her unique self with this
empowering gift of diamonds. She’ll have plenty of time to get a diamond on her
left hand, right?

3. Birthstone Jewelry

Celebrate the day she was born… and the woman she is sure to become.

4. Personalized Pendants and Charms

Is she leaving her favorite pet behind? Or maybe she’s striving for world
peace? Whatever her passion, let her know you know what makes her heart sing
with a personal pendant or – better yet – a starter charm bracelet with a
graduation cap charm.



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