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June 21, 2010

The wedding of Swedish Crown Princess Victoria to Daniel Westling was the biggest royal gathering since Charles and Di. Gawk at the historic jewels the future Queen wore down the aisle.

The royal wedding of Sweden’s Princess Victoria to commoner Daniel Westling brought out an incredible parade of historic tiaras, dramatic diamonds and jaw-dropping jewels. And while the details of the bride’s wedding gown remained under wraps until her big day this weekend, it was widely expected she would wear one of the Swedish royal family’s most prized crown jewels for her walk down the aisle: The Cameo Tiara.

Once owned by Napoleon’s Empress Josephine, The Cameo Tiara came to the Swedish royal family when Josephine’s granddaughter Josefina married the future King Oscar I in 1823. The pearl-covered diadem, heightened by seven cameos depicting mythological figures, has become traditional bridal headgear in the House of Bernadotte, with Victoria’s mother, Queen Silvia, wearing it on her own wedding day on June 19, 1976. But the Cameo wasn’t the only tremendous tiara on display this weekend. Victoria’s stunning sister, Princess Madeleine, wore the Connaught Tiara designed with loops of diamond forget-me-not flowers secured by bows with diamond drops. Her royal statement necklace is made of Ceylon sapphires, baroque pearls and diamonds.

Mom, Queen Silvia, brought out the big guns with the Braganca Diamond Tiara – a French 18th century piece that was modernized around 1820 to give it its current form. It’s also called the Brazilian Tiara because it belonged to the Brazilian Empress Amelie, the younger sister of Swedish Queen Josefina.

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