Saint’s Superbowl Ring Bling

The New Orleans Saints’ Cinderella story continued this week with the presentation of their blinged-out championship rings loaded with dozens of diamonds.

Diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend. The New Orleans Saints received their coveted diamond-encrusted Super Bowl rings in a ceremony on Wednesday night, capping what was the Cinderella story of the NFL last year. “It’s pretty incredible,” Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees said of his new championship ring. “In fact, I think it’s absolutely perfect because nothing was left out on that ring as far as the symbols of our season.” The yellow gold ring features a fleur-de-lis – the symbol of both the team and New Orleans – made up of several dozen diamonds on top. There are 44 diamonds around the edges to commemorate the 44th Super Bowl, which New Orleans won over Indianapolis in Miami on Feb. 7. And there are also 16 diamonds – eight on each side of the fleur-de-lis – to symbolize the number of games the Saints won last season. “We found a way to become world champions. It was never about one person. It was never even just about our team,” Brees said. “It was about a city and a community and the way we were all able to band together. And this (ring) is, I guess, the fruit of our labor. We’ll always have those memories with us, but the ring is the tangible symbol that says it all.” Fleur-de-lis fans can shop the coffers for New Orleans-inspired jewelry you can bring home for your own treasure chest. The symbol is also doubling these days as a sign of solidarity for those affected by the BP oil spill disaster in the Gulf.

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