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June 18, 2010

Attention all monsters and metal mavens! Lady Gaga’s geometric ‘Poker Face’ necklace is up for auction to the LOWEST bidder. Huh?

Jewelry lovers with a penchant for pop culture are going to drool at the chance to grab a gem from Lady Gaga’s personal collection. The daring diva is auctioning the silver triangular trio necklace that she wore in the ‘Poker Face’ video. To the lowest bidder. You read it right – the Brian Lichtenberg-designed piece is on Nick Lachey’s reverse auction website,, where users pay one dollar per bid to guess the lowest selling price for an item. At the close of the auction, the user who holds the bid closest to zero – and is the only person to hold that exact bid – will be deemed the winner. The auction began on June 15 and ends June 24. All proceeds will go to Gaga’s charity of choice, The Lupus Foundation. And Brian Lichtenstein fans will be happy to know the edgy designer is partnering with Forever 21 for a graphic T-shirt line. While they won’t be as ‘risky’ as the crime-scene-tape frock he created for Gaga’s Telephone video, we’re sure they’ll sell like hotcakes.

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