Sporty Soccer Ball Style

With the biggest sporting event in the world well underway, Zales is giving soccer fans a ‘charming’ new way to support their favorite World Cup team.

Soccer jewelry style is all the rage this month as World Cup fever takes the globe by storm.

Whether your favorite footballer is Portugal’s rakish Ronaldo, or Brazil’s charismatic Kaka, Zales
is offering the perfect way for fans to support their country’s best.

‘Championship Soccer Ball Charms’ are detachable sterling silver beauties featuring the colors of each World Cup team. Perfect for both men and women, the versatile charms can be worn attached to a chain, charm bracelet, sports bag – even a tie bar.

And while tickets to watch ‘The Beautiful Game’ in South Africa might cost a pretty penny, Zales is giving fans a break with a price of only $29.00.

‘Championship Soccer Ball Charms’ are only available on, so surf your way to the site and find some football fashion for your next World Cup win.


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