Lebron James Jewelry Under Investigation

An Ohio woman claims the sparkly LeBron James jersey pendant she found in a box full of $5 garage sale steals is the real deal. But the police have a different opinion.

LeBron James’ controversial move from Cleveland to the sunnier shores of Miami is creating a cavalcade of unwanted press. And last week his karmic conundrum continued. This time, with a diamond twist.


An Ohio woman who paid $5 for a LeBron James pendant at a yard sale brought the bauble to the
International Gemological Institute, where she discovered she had the real deal – a $10,000 gem with over 2 carats of round diamonds.

Thrilled at her good fortune, Vaneisha Robinson put the piece on ebay. And
that’s when her luck ran out.

Hearing about the diamond drama, Maverick O. Carter, CEO of LeBron’s marketing company, claimed the necklace was stolen from him three years ago.

Robinson says she was contacted by Carter who was willing to make an offer, and that LeBron himself would be present at the sale. Instead, she told WEWS-TV, when she showed up Carter’s home, she was forced to surrender the piece.

“I was scared for my life.”

“They pretty much accused me, they threatened me,” Robinson said. “They told us that we weren’t going anywhere until they got that pendant.”

The police have determined that Robinson was in possession of stolen property, but it is still unknown if she was personally involved with the theft. In the meantime, LeBron James can count his money in his new beach house, and Ohio continues to be on the losing end of his good fortune.

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