Haute Couture Headgear

This isn’t your mother’s tiara.

Find out how the world’s finest jewelry designers are letting diamonds go to their heads with a modern twist.

Diamond jewelry has always been a welcome presence on our ring fingers and ear lobes, but a hot new trend is emerging from Paris Couture Week: hair jewelry.

While the world gasped at the traditional tiara triumphs at the recent Swedish royal wedding, Parisian jeweler and renown tiara-maker, Chaumet, displayed a more modern take on the hair ornament during last week’s fashion festivities.

Honeybee-themed pieces were on display along with long strands of diamonds and gems woven throughout the hair. Their “Le Grand Frisson” tiara featured a sleek modern design of white gold and diamonds with matching rings in white gold and diamonds, purple sapphires, garnets and tanzanite.

Chanel also brought out some high-end headwear, with their classic diamond palm frond worn here by Diane Kruger as a glittering hair clip.


But you don’t have to be a couture queen to dress up your do. Many basic diamond or gemstone brooches can be worn as the final touch to your tresses. Or try any long strand as a head band or woven throughout a simple braid or updo.

Here are a few of our favorite finds from the Jewelry.com treasure chest, but you can shop from hundreds of glittering styles to add some carats to your coif.

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