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July 5, 2010

Summer swimwear is sparkling in yellow gold this season. See which designers and celebs are blinging out their beachwear.

(photos courtesy of Wold Gold Council) While gold jewelry’s allure is timeless, the summer season has always held a special place for the precious metal. This year, designers like Patricia Field and Carmen Marc Valvo are using it to light up their swimwear lines, and celebrities like Serena Williams, The Kardashian Sisters and Cindy Crawford have been spotted wearing it to bling out the beach, according to the World Gold Council. “Gorgeous! Glamorous! Sexy! That’s gold jewelry on a tanned body,” proclaimed Patricia Field in a press release. Big hoops, bold cuffs and statement necklaces are favorites this season, with layered bangles and pretty pendants also making a strong showing. And World Gold Council offers these important tips to keep your gold jewelry glowing all year:

  • After swimming, clean the jewelry with a home cleaning kit including mild soap or jewelry cleaning liquid, warm water, and a scratch free chamois polishing cloth, or take it a local jeweler for cleaning once every couple months.
  • When swimming at home, take your gold off if swimming in chlorinated water. Excessive, repeated exposure to chlorine can weaken gold?s chemical structure.
  • Wrap each piece separately in tissue paper and store in box with satin or velvet lining.
  • Hang gold chains or lay them flat to avoid tangling, crimping or bending.

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