Diamond-Encrusted Vuvuzela

The World Cup’s most annoying accessory was re-imagined in glittering gold and diamonds. Find out who bought the pricey noise-maker.

World Cup jewelry has been a popular accessory this summer, but one Austrian goldsmith took football fever to new noise levels.

While it still makes the same mind-numbing sound, Mr. Klemen Pointer created a luxury plastic vuvuzela horn out of white gold and diamonds and sold it to a Russian customer for approximately $21,500.

The blinged-out vuvuzela, which weighs 2 pounds and has a large diamond in the center, is fully functional and just as loud as the cheaper versions that have gained legions of fans – and haters at the World Cup. The Russian owner is giving the haute couture horn to his South African business partner in time for the World Cup final on July 11th.

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