2010 Fall Jewelry Trends

1. Make A Statement


The statement necklace look has been ‘in’ for over a year now, and the trend is lasting well into 2010. But bigger isn’t only better for neckwear. Statement earrings in large teardrop shapes and chandeliers are staples on stars like Kim Kardashian, and whimsical rings are all the rage in sartorial circles. Just be careful not to overdo it, jewelry lovers. One statement piece per outfit is the preferred way to style this look.

2. Mix Your Metals


According to the Jewelry Information Center, shiny is so last season – it’s all about blackened metals for the fall. And matchy-matchy is a metal misfire – mixing it up is the way to go. Pair silver and gold or muted tones with more sparkling hues – the more they clash the better.

3. Creatures and Critters


Animal jewelry has been a big hit this summer, with Chopard debuting their stunning couture creature line with diamond polar bears, gemstone monkeys and more. But the trend has extended its run into fall with a detour into bug land. Beetles, spiders, bumblebees, dragonflies – anything that buzzes and has wings is fair game for your treasure chest.

4. Sing The Blues



Last year purple reigned as the gemstone color queen of 2009, and this year? It’s all about the blues. Aqua is the color of 2010 according to the Pantone Authority, and gemstone looks are following suit for fall fashionistas with aquamarine, blue topaz and sapphires leading the way. So whether you’re a beetle-maniac, a metal maven or just feeling a little blue this season, the sky is the limit with on-trend fall jewelry that showcases your own personal style. Grab one to spruce up your jewelry box!

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