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August 12, 2010

To celebrate our favorite beagle’s 60th birthday, a Hong Kong jewelry house created a Snoopy replica out of 9,917 diamonds. Good grief!

From cartoons to couture, Hong Kong fine jewelry brand TSL created a 5.5″ diamond Snoopy statue to celebrate the iconic character’s 60th birthday.


The blinged out beagle took eight months to create and features a whopping 207 carats of gems, including 9,917 diamonds, 783 black diamonds, and 415 rubies.

Each stone was meticulously chosen to ensure matching color, clarity, cut, and size, according to a press release.

Diamond Snoopy (or “The Shining Star” as TSL calls it) has been touring around China and has an estimated value of about $372,000.

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