Thieves Steal Gold Bar From Museum

Modern-day pirates stole a 75-ounce gold bar from a Florida Museum worth over half a million dollars. Will the authorities make them walk the plank?

Two thieves brazenly walked away with an 11-inch, 74.85 ounce gold bar on display at the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum in Key West Florida last week.


The ancient artifact was recovered from a shipwreck of a Spanish galleon off the Florida Keys, according to a report by CBS News.

The gold bar, worth an estimated $550,000, was a favorite museum display for more than 20 years, where is was locked in a transparent case that allowed visitors to touch it while keeping it secure.

‘Everybody who comes to the museum is encouraged to lift the gold bar and to have a firsthand experience with history,” museum executive director Melissa Kendrick explains on their Web site.

“This is one of the most iconic and best-known objects in the museum.”

Security footage shows the suspects breaking into the case around 5:15 p.m. Wednesday, August 18th. Police and FBI are working to identify the suspects, but so far no arrests have been made.

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