Celebs Shine in Pink, Pearls and Party Dresses

Jennifer Garner hosted the 6th Annual Pink Party in Hollywood to raise awareness for women’s health issues. Check out the celebrity turn-out – and their surprising jewelry choices.

Pink Party princess, Jennifer Garner, hosted some of Hollywood’s hottest stars at an event aimed at raising awareness for women’s health issues over the weekend. And while stars like Brooke Burke, Michelle Trachtenberg and Denise Richards shined bright in their blushy best, it was the ‘hostess with the mostess’ who made the biggest pink carpet statement.


The Rachel-Zoe-styled Garner wore a pink Stella McCartney skirt and shirt with a cascade of pretty pearls in a stunning statement silhouette. We haven’t seen a look this layered since Madonna brought back her ‘Mr. T’ links a few years’ back – and with the minimal looks on the Fashion Week runways for Spring, we’re thinking Mrs. Affleck is wise to get her gobstoppers in while the gettin’s good.


Statement earrings continue to sparkle at celebrity events, with chandelier shapes and shoulder dusters shining bright on stars like actress, Kimberly Williams. And a red carpet event wouldn’t be complete without a few leading ladies trotting out the tried-and-true hoop earring – always good in a pinch.


And speaking of pink – Canada is auctioning the largest pink diamond in their history, according to our blogger, The Jewelry Insider. It even beats out the 6-carat rock Jennifer Garner’s hubby gave to a ‘certain someone’ back in the day.

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