Man Caught With Belly Full of Bling

A Sri Lankan man was recently caught smuggling over 2600 diamonds. In his stomach.

Remember when the image of a diamond thief came in the romantic guise of a Cary Grant-inspired cat burglar?

Today? Things aren’t quite so quaint.

A Sri Lankan man traveling to Chennai Airport in India last week was arrested for smuggling over 2600 diamonds and other precious stones – in his stomach.

Police were tipped off to the man, Mohammad Rafi, 35, who told them that he was suffering from hemorrhoids.

The authorities took him to a local hospital, where they found the precious stones lodged in his gut – all 2600 of them.

Several bananas and six hours later, 42 bags of diamonds worth an estimated $300,000 – $670,000 were removed from Rafi, according to the
National Post.

Rafi later confessed that he was only paid 10,000 rupees (about $225) for the job, and that this was his fourth smuggling run. Ouch.

But┬áMr. Rafi is seriously small time compared to these notorious jewelry thieves – some of the most famous in recent history.

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