Jewelry Sample Sale Offers Huge Savings

Forget Black Friday. JewelClub’s rare high-end jewelry offering on Novmember 16th is redefining the art of the deal.

Buying affordable jewelry is something of an artform. While there are many deals and discounts to be had for the online shopper – especially this time of year – it’s often hard to see the woods from the trees. Particularly for pieces at higher price points.

Enter: JewelClub – the new online home for sample sale jewelry. And they haven’t forgotten what ‘old school’ sample sale shopping used to be like – namely offering HIGH END merchandise at a discount for those who are smart (and lucky) enough to get in early.

So on Tuesday, November 16th, JewelClub is giving shoppers a whopping 80-90% off of on some of their most valuable jewels and gems. And their timing couldn’t be better for buyers who are considering that ‘big’ jewelry gift this holiday season.

Invites are being emailed to JewelClub members tomorrow – or you can check their homepage at midnight tonight where the sample sale items will officially go live. But word on the street is – this merchandise is going to move fast. And they have almost 10,000 devoted Facebook Fans who are queued up for the couture craziness.

Should be a little sample sale slice of heaven.

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