Pauly D’s Diamond Splurge

The fellas from MTV’s Jersey Shore know their way around hair gel, tanning beds and big-time man bling. Check out the carat count from their latest shopping spree.

Jewelry worn by the male cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore sets trends faster than you can say “T-shirt Time” – from rosary bead necklaces and studded leather cuffs to cross pendants and diamond stud earrings. And the reality stars aren’t skimping when it comes to carat count.

TMZ reports Pauly D and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro recently walked away with over 120 carats of jewels and gems from a recent visit to Boston’s Manhattan Jewelery Co. Pauly bought a Breitling Super Avenger watch sprinkled with 34 carats in diamonds, a 65-carat diamond necklace, a white gold Rolex, and a custom G-Shock, 10-carat diamond watch. A more modest Ronnie took home a 12-carat, white gold rosary and a Breitling Super Avenger watch with a mere 12 carats of diamonds.


Sources close to Pauly tell TMZ, “Pauly has always worn the finer things in life, never the costume jewelry because that would be a situation.” Indeed.


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