World’s Most Expensive Advent Calendar

A diamond-encrusted holiday treasure debuts at a whopping $2.7 million. See why celebrities are clamoring to get one of their own.

Diamonds are the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season, but one Belgian company is using them for an extravagant gift most won’t find under the tree this year: a diamond and gold-laden Advent Calendar.

Octagon Blue GCV designed the one-of-a-kind piece using filigree glass artwork, 24 precious diamonds carved with numbers representing the days up to Christmas, diamond-shaped fairies and small parcels of 100 quarter-carat diamonds weighing in at a whopping 81 carats all told.

The $2.7 million price tag includes the design of an exclusive piece of jewelry based on the customers’ wishes by the renowned jewelry studio Biegel, in Frankfurt.

Octagon Blue GCV director Oscar Brethouwer told the Daily Mail:

“This is a very special piece which is truly stunning. We’ve had several celebrities inquire about it and it’s not difficult to see why it has generated so much interest.”

“We had 50 expert staff working 20 hour days to create it in time for Christmas.”

The calendar is also available for advertising purposes and money raised will a be donated to charity.

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