Noir Jewelry Does Superhero Chic

DC Comics is celebrating their 75th anniversary with a jewelry collection inspired by their most famous female crime fighters and femme fatales.

Who didn’t fantasize about wearing those Wonder Woman bullet-stopping cuffs back in the day? Now Noir Jewelry and DC Comics can make our inner superhero shine bright with a new collection inspired by all of our favorite comic book girl crushes. Pieces include a Supergirl necklace, claw-shaped pieces inspired by Catwoman, bat-symbol styles – and yes – gold-plated Wonder Woman cuffs. Price points start at a reasonable $75 to attract holiday shoppers with comic book geeks on their gift lists. Noir Jewelry is also responsible for the “Fantasia”-inspired line of jewels with Disney to help commemorate the film’s 50th anniversary. Click here to shop superhero chic on Noir Jewelry or to find out more about Fantasia fashion for your own jewelry box. More Jewelry News Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for even more up-to-date jewelry musings.

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