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December 16, 2010

Who needs tinsel when you’ve got real
diamonds, gold and gems to add sparkle to your Christmas Tree? Check out the ice hanging from this fantastic fir.

may not grow on trees, but in one of the richest places on earth it comes very
close. The Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, UAR decorated a 43-foot-high faux
fir tree with about $11-million worth of precious jewelry from a local jeweler.

necklace-and-earring sets, strings of pearls, and emerald and ruby bracelets
– 181 pieces in total – are strewn between gold and silver balls and bows. The
priciest piece is a diamond set costing 3.5 million dirhams, or just short of $1

“It’s an artificial tree, but the jewelry – that’s not artificial,” the
hotel’s general manager, Hans Olbertz, said at an opening event Wednesday
according to the Wall Street Journal.

The Emirates Palace Hotel already has a track record of over-the-top stunts.
It installed a gold ATM near its lobby, where customers can buy bullion, and
holds a Guinness world record for serving up the most expensive shot of alcohol
at some $2,000 for a Hardy Perfection cognac.

While the hotel hopes Guinness may come knocking again to honor their blingy
branches, a Japanese tree currently holds the ‘most expensive’ title, with a
2002 entry worth $10.8 million.

And now back to your regularly scheduled popcorn-stringing, home-made
ornament-hanging lives.



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