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April 11, 2011

What jewelry will Kate Middleton wear to the royal wedding on April 29th? The experts are buzzing, and we’ve got the latest scoop!

Picking the right wedding jewelry is a big choice for any bride, but Kate Middleton has a particularly tough choice for her big day – what with the entire world watching her every fashion move.

Lucky for Kate, she’s got the world’s jewelry box at her fingertips. One report had a group of wealthy Saudis offering to gift the royal couple the most extensive collection of natural colored diamonds on the planet worth an estimated $120,000,000! (They did not accept their generous offer.)

But most royal experts agree it’s likely we’ll see a sparkling tiara on the tresses of this most famous bride. Why? Because she has to. Every royal bride, from Princess Diana to the recent Swedish royal
sensation, Crown Princess Victoria, has worn a tiara to their ceremony – a prized possession that comes from the coffers of their family’s personal stash.

In Kate’s case, since she doesn’t come from royal lineage, it’s likely the Queen, herself, will select the tiara her grand-daughter-in-law will wear on her wedding day.

While there are many to choose from and bloggers like Jewelry Insider and Mad Hattery are already
placing bets on what will make a sparkling appearance, the smart money is on The Strathmore Rose tiara – a wedding gift to the Queen Mum from her father, the Earl of Strathmore. There’s also buzz about the Fringe Tiara, which The Queen Mother lent to both her daughter Princess Elizabeth and granddaughter Princess Anne on their respective wedding days.

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