Pantone’s Fall 2011 Color Trend Report

The color experts at Pantone took trends from New York fashion week and gave us all the color wheel to use for our Fall 2011 wardrobe. What’s that mean for jewelry lovers? Lots more citrine, amethyst and sparkling champagne diamonds!

With a new season just days away, we can already feel the crisp, cool air blowing away our warm summer months. As you pack away your shorts and swimwear, look forward to a whole new season of colors – brought to you by the experts at Pantone.

Don’t kiss your rosy honeysuckles and bright ensembles goodbye just yet, though! According to Pantone, this season it’s all about coordinating those favorite summer shades with cool and neutral tones. “Designers take a painterly approach to fall 2011 by artfully combining bright colors with staple neutrals, reminiscent of how an artist would construct a stunning work of art,”says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. Need a clue? Think of a sepia-toned photograph with bits of bright yellows and pinks throughout.

On one end of the fall 2011 color spectrum, Pantone gives us Bamboo, a shade of yellow one would expect to see in the spring or summer, but its green undertones make it a perfect shade for fall. It’s no surprise the orange-autumnal hues of Emberglow make the list and we also see the staple spring 2011 shade, Honeysuckle return, bringing a rosy glow to the cooling months. Phlox, a deep and dramatic purple, Cedar, a light neutral green, and Deep Teal, a dark blue-green oceanic hue all round out the color palette, making way for the neutral tones to expect this fall. This season, basic black gives way to Coffee Liqueur, a rich brown shade and Nougat gives us a lighter tan option to pair with any of the darker colors listed above. Orchid Hush, a light gray with lilac undertones and Quarry, a standard medium gray gives us a few staples that are sure to carry into the winter.

So what does this mean for jewelry lovers looking to spice up their jewelry box for fall?

Citrine, November’s birthstone, is going to play a big part in bringing the Bamboo and Emberglow shades to your jewelry collection.┬áThe pink sapphires that dazzled your wardrobe this past spring and summer will continue to sparkle. Adding some amethyst and green mystic topaz bling will ensure you’ve got your Phlox and Deep Teal bases covered.

As always, no jewelry box is complete without shimmering diamonds, but given the color palette for fall, try on some champagne diamonds! The light mocha-brown hues of these color diamonds will definitely have you dazzling in fall’s Coffee Liqueur and Nougat hues.

Sleek silver and white gold pieces topped with white diamond bling or perfect pearls is sure to make your transition into winter a glamorous one by representing the hues of Orchid Hush and Quarry.

For those looking to get ahead of the game, the show-stopping colors for spring 2012 have already been decided! With Spring/Summer 2012 New York Fashion Week coming to a close this week, the color experts at Pantone have spun their color wheel, giving us a gorgeous array of springtime colors to warm up to from the cold winter months! Stay tuned for ways to bring these colors straight to your jewelry box!


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