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November 28, 2011

The boots, hats and scarves are pulled down from the top of your closet and you can already hear “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” playing from the coffee shop around the corner. It’s that time of year again and the blingiest of the bling has made its way to storefronts everywhere. wants to make sure you’re in-the-know on the latest jewelry trends and sparkling essentials so that your holiday shopping is that much easier.

Black is the new, well – Black

What is it about black that just keeps it coming back? For starters, it’s the one color we all look great in, right? – and jewelry is no exception with shimmering black diamonds. Quickly growing in  popularity this year, black diamonds are proving to be a versatile stone that brings a glamorous edge to your jewelry box. And who would have thought you could wear diamonds and still keep that understated, cool appeal that’s so hot right now.

Ladies, if you notice your man checking out this black bling, don’t be surprised. Black diamonds have been spotted on men this year everywhere from stud earrings to wedding rings to watches. It’s the perfect way he can show off some bling and keep his rugged, manly appeal!

So while you may be ‘dreaming of a white Christmas’ this year, keep these shimmering black diamonds in mind for someone who’s all about understated glamour.

“Everyone wishes for Silver and Gold”

Forgive us for the Burl Ives reference, but this holiday season, you can ‘measure its worth’ in a number of ways. With the price of gold at extreme highs this year, silver has made its way to the forefront of jewelry fashion as gold’s less expensive little sister. Both diamonds and gemstones set
in sterling silver are hot items this season, but some people are still looking for that dash of gleaming gold. Silver and gold jewelry allows for that dramatic two-tone elegance of yellow and white gold without the high ticket price. It’s the perfect idea for someone’s who isn’t all about the blingy gemstones and diamonds, but is looking for a little extra flair.

Barely There Jewelry-Wear

While the most sparkling jewels in your collection tend to come out this time of year for holiday work parties and to show off to that cousin you haven?t seen in five years, every gal still needs her sparkling essentials for the other 11 months of the year. Dangles, hoops and chandeliers are the perfect statement-making ear-wear, but when you;re looking for some understated elegance, you’ll never go wrong with a great pair of studs.

All He Wants for Christmas is You

The holidays tend to bring out the inner romantic in all of us. It’s certainly not uncommon to witness a proposal on the skating rink (We’ve already spotted one here in NYC) or unwrap that last gift under the Christmas tree that happens to be in a very small, perfectly-sized box. Guys, don’t be alarmed because there’s still plenty of ways to make your holiday engagement moment one of a kind – and it starts with what’s inside the box. This year we have seen tons of engagement ring trends sans diamonds. Thanks to some celebrity influence from the likes of Kate Middleton, Jessica Simpson and
Liz Hurley, precious gems like sapphires and rubies have officially made their way into the bridal spotlight.

Enhance Your Pearls of Wisdom

Over the past few months we have seen color pearl jewelry fly out of our always-sparkling headquarters. Thanks to recent trends by Donna Karan’s fall runway show it is clear that one of the top gift ideas this season are strands of pearls of grey, brown and rose hues! Whether you’re looking for a dramatic layered look, a simply elegant single strand of a selection of different color bracelets, pearls make for a perfectly lustrous and glowing look that can take your style from day to night.

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