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August 7, 2012

Jewelry designer Azature has raised the diamond-encrusted bar, so to speak, when it comes to delivering diamond decadence – with a $250,000 bottle of black diamond infused nail polish.

As if diamond contact lenses or diamond-encrusted steak knives weren’t enough for the incredibly rich and famous, luxury jewelry designer Azature debuted their latest offering – a bottle of nail polish infused with 267 carats of black diamonds, dubbed the world’s most expensive. At a jaw-dropping, quarter of a million bucks, this black diamond nail polish trumps the previous $130,000 Gold Rush couture nail polish by British jeweler Models Own.

Azature’s bling has been spotted on the likes of Rihanna and Beyonce at various red carpet events, and we’re willing to bet their nails will be lacquered with carats soon enough. Come awards season, we’ll be waiting for “Who are you wearing?” to include a luxe manicure.

Azature is also releasing an ‘affordable’ version of the nail polish for $25 at Fred Segal this month. And we thought an $8.50 bottle of OPI’s Black Onyx was breaking the bank.


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