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July 20, 2008

If you thought you go over and above what’s necessary at work – try being a sanitation worker in Staten Island. When a local jeweler accidentally threw away a pair of earrings, the city’s cleaning crew jumped into action sifting through mounds of garbage to try and find the missing diamond jewels. And they did.
The jeweler, Haya Sharon ,had put her 3 carat diamond earrings in an empty jar of jewelry cleaning solution. They were cleaned alright. All the way out of the store into the local landfill.
The $20,000 earrings were an 11th anniversary gift from her husband and had just become one expensive load of garbage.
Still, in Staten Island it ain’t gone until they say it’s gone. The day after the garbage was hauled away, the workers sifted through the garbage and spotted the jar of diamonds.
If you’re looking for an earful of diamonds – Macy’s has a jarful of diamonds for just $1,000 at They’re probably not as smelly though as those you could find in a trash heap for free.

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