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June 10, 2010

Love the Look: Amethyst Necklaces offers expert advice, information, and shopping tips on choosing the perfect Amethyst necklace. Amethyst is known for its brilliance and durability, and amethyst necklaces are a stunning, matchless way to showcase this brilliant violet-colored jewel. Amethyst necklaces are available in a wide range of calibrated sizes and shapes, including many fancy cuts. Large fine stones are sold in free sizes but generally the stone is cut in standardized dimensions. Paler shades, sometimes called “Rose of France”, were common in Victorian jewelry. Banding – darker and lighter zones of color – is also a common occurrence. Amethyst is February’s birthstone, making the unique brilliance of a amethyst necklace a meaningful gift for new mothers and grown-up February birthday girls alike. So whether your looking for a Valentine’s Day gift, a present for an occasion taking place in February – we’re sure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for when your browse our rich collection of amethyst necklaces. From affordable jewels to once-in-a-lifetime amethyst necklaces, see the different shapes, colors and styles, and discover what makes the amethyst a gem of a jewel.

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Jewelry Necklaces Expert Advice, Information and Shopping Tips on how to find the perfect necklace.Find out all there is to know about necklaces, from pearl chokers to diamond strands and golden chains. Gemstone Education: Amethyst: The Color for Kings The history, the secrets, the legends and the truth of amazing Amethyst. This purple gem, the birthstone for February is reputedly the most ‘regal’ of all gems – find out why. Make Mine An Amethyst What makes an Amethyst a gem for royalty? Find out if you’re regal enough to wear this violet jewel. Purple Jewelry Reigns for 2009 President Obama says it’s his favorite color. It’s reputed to be the color of royalty and now it’s THE must have color trend for 2009. Find out what’s making this color a ‘must-have’ for any 2009 wardrobe. Gems A’Singing: Steals Under $100 Sparkling Jewels For Under $100

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